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Solar Home Heaters

Dora Said:

Suburban home entirely on solar power?

We Answered:

The cost and size of the panels would make that idea impossible at this time. We had a solar company come out and evaluate our house and they told us, solar is no where near ready for home use. Some large buildings with flat roofs in very sunny areas can get some of their power from panels, but that's about it.

They did mention that there are small solar kits for running hot water heaters. But the cost of installation would take about 10 years to recoup in savings on heating water.

Gerald Said:

Solar water heater for my home?

We Answered:

i use solar convection for 100% of my homes heating/cooling. basically think of a big green house on the south side of your home with black walls and black floor. there are vents on the top and bottum of the inside wall going into my house. when the air in the room heats up the hot air rises up threw the vents in the house, pullling in cooler air from my house. then at night i simply close the vents.

i also use solar aic conditioning in the house. i have a big black metal box on the top of my home that heats up supper hot in the summer time. as hot air rises it sucks the warm air that's collecting in my cieling, which creates a suction inside the house. i have vents on the floor that are pipes threw the dirt in the front yard which draw in the cool thermal air into the house.

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Ryan Said:

Is there any Grants or Special Loans to help someone buy a Rammed Earth Home w/ solar water heater ?

We Answered:

There are no programs for the tax payers to buy appliances for other citizens.

However, there may be loans available. If there are Rammed Earth will know about them, that would be a great marketing tool for them. Call them up and ask, they can probably email or fax you the applications.

Floyd Said:

Solar Water Heater - Do you need Electricity to run a Home Heater?

We Answered:

No, you don't need electricty unless it's as a backup for cloudy days.

In home solar heaters water circulates the system due to the density difference between hot and cold water.

This circulation doesn't require electricity nor does the actual heating. It is completely solar based.

Samantha Said:

How much money I have to spend for buying solar energy water heater for domestic use at home?

We Answered:

i'm from a six member family in greece and two years ago we bought one for 250 euros do ur own math

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