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Solar Home For Sale

Hugh Said:

I'm looking for 12v deep cycle batteries on sale for solar power?

We Answered:

I understand your objective Richard, but would sincerely recommend that you re-consider how you should go about achieving it.

I don't recommend 12v batteries for your project and certainly don't recommend using anything less than first quality batteries - you can still find them at low prices.

A better storage solution is deep cycle 6volt batteries. The 6v batteries will do a much better job, last longer, allow a deeper discharge and a higher number of re-charge cycles.

You want your batteries to be the same size, type and age to work together best. I use 4- 6v batteries in my RV along with a single solar panel and can stay out in the desert for days without ever having to fire up my generator.

Here's a link to a great article on the subject:

Herman Said:

Are solar pond pumps any good?

We Answered:

Solar devices depend on where you live. Plain and simple, lots of sun, lots of energy stored. Where I live, I see neighbors that have solar landscape lights that work well in the summer, are ludicrous in the winter...
Places like Arizona, Denver CO, etc. ought to work optimally

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