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Solar Home Electricity

Greg Said:

my home has no electricity,which is best alternative,solar,wind power or generator?

We Answered:

I have same problem my house we have ellectric but it not always come when we want it.
if ellectric gone we use wax candle for light or gas lamp and wood for fire if cold.
sometime i sleep with goat to keep warm and keep company, so maybe you should get goat.
Genorator good we have one on tractor wich we use somtime for ellectric but its noisy with tv.

Carolyn Said:

How to make electricity at home?

We Answered:

Hi Jackie,

If you want to make electricity at home the more exciting of the 2 is making the windmill and the parts are easier to get. You will need a few things to make this including the blades, generator. and you can also add a battery.

If you want a helping hand look at :
You will get the full instructions with diagrams there.

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