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Solar Heating Systems For Homes

Corey Said:

what is the most effecient home heating and airconditioning system known?

We Answered:

I'm in Wilmington, N.C. , and put in a new heat pump to replace the Gas Pack.I also installed a 30,000 BTU gas auxillary heater for when the temps are lower than 40 degrees which is seldom here.

Do you have the best kind of roof insulation available ?That counts alot.
My bills for a 1,500 house is Gas $25.00 month winter,Elect.
$98.00 a month year round.

Fernando Said:

solar collectors for heating water systems, vs the power of lightning?

We Answered:

I'm not sure about the insurance question, but all-in-all lightning is not that dangerous if you're indoors. Your house certainly has a grounding rod in the earth that will serve as a lightning rod. All of your plumbing and wiring is connected to it, and since it surrounds you, it is actually shielding you and protecting you. Click here to find out more:…

The lightning rod can be any electrical conductor that is large enough and conductive enough to carry extremely large currents, and thus withstand damage itself. The conductor will also bleed off static charge and reduce the likelihood of a strike.…

Ben Said:

Solar powered radiant floor heat?

We Answered:

solar relies on solar it goes out snow rain clouds bunch cold feet an broke pipe use oil or antifreeze mix still not very efficent,, lot of cost for small well intended gain 30.000. wild guessunder tile grout bed

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