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Solar Generator For Homes

Alicia Said:

Where can I find more information about self sufficient homes or independent homes?

We Answered:

First, you want to use passive solar energy. For this simply use concrete floors install large south faceing windows (if your in the northern hemesphere) and plant diciduouse trees (trees that loose thier leaves in winter) on the south side of your property and coniferouse trees on the north side. In summer the trees will grow on the south and north sides of your house providing shade and cooling your house. in winter the trees on the south will loose thier leaves allowing sunlight to enter the large south windows. The concrete floor will stor the heat warming your house, while the coniferouse trees block wind also warming your house. Just the trees allown can save you from 10-50% on energy bills for heating and cooling. Also you can use solar panels with batteries attatched. This will provide most of the electricity for your house. And if you produce extra energy it can be sold back to the power companies. Also small wind turbines can be installed to provide aditional power.

Edna Said:

Why don't we pipe seawater into our homes and then split it into combustible Hydrogen and Oxygen w/solar power

We Answered:

I've taught chemistry for over 35 years and for over 35 years I have advocated the use of hydrogen as a fuel. Only now are people beginning to take me seriously. LOL.

I've suggested something similar, except you don't need to pipe seawater to homes. Just electrolyze seawater right were it is, in the sea using solar collectors. It's a good idea to put solar technology to work on our homes. I think every new home constructed should contain solar technology. Solar hot water and photovoltaics.

But solar technolgy is static. It can't move around. But hydrogen can. You can put it in tanks and transport it from one place to another - portable sunshine. Hydrogen can be the fuel that goes in your car.

What is Saudia Arabia going to do when it runs out of oil as it will in a few dozen years? It has abundant sunshine, access to seawater and lots of sand containing lots of silicon from which to make photovoltaic cells. Saudia Arabia could easily get into the hydrogen business. Of course, so can the US.

If there is any good side to the recent run-up in gasoline prices, it is forcing the US to think about alternate ways to produce energy.


I've never heard of H2 diffusing through metal tanks. I'm not sure that is a problem. But it does take large heavy tanks that must be kept cold to store H2 gas.

Therefore, one of the best ways to handle H2 is as LiH. Lithium hydride is a solid pellet. You can hold it in your hand*, and while flammable, it won't explode. And once the Li and H are separated and the H2 burned, the lithium metal can be recycled.

* I wouldn't recommend holding it your hand because LiH can react exothermically with water.

Vera Said:

What home energy saving scams have you found?

We Answered:

The most common website I encounter is DIY solar panels. The claim is that "for under 200 dollars you too can build your own solar panel and save thousands" I do not dispute the validity of that claim. I do take issue with what they don't say. There are some building code violations to say the least. I have posted a blog on this very issue, and will continue to do so on a weekly basis. It is my goal to bring clarity to the cyber solar world. Check out my post "To build or not to build that is the question" at

P.S. Maybe we could post links to each other"s sites.

Ben Said:

how would I go about building a a rear carrier mount bike generator?

We Answered:

There are generators made to attach to bicycles. They can be found in bike shops, and sometimes auto stores (Western Auto), hardware stores, and department stores. You'd have to use rectifier diodes if you hope to store the voltage.

Unlike another poster said, they put out a weird type of AC instead of DC. Yes, I've measured it. It required the AC setting on a multimeter to get a stable reading. I've even managed to get one of these generators to run as a motor using a transformer with AC output. It ran rough that way since it was not tuned for 60hz, but it did run, proving that it was an AC generator. It required manual starting for it to turn. It did not run at all on DC.

Jeanette Said:

How is solar power obtained for a 220 waterwell pump?

We Answered:

For that heavy a load, I'd think that a gasoline or diesel generator might be more appropriate.

While you could possibly set up a bank of solar-charged batteries to power a 220-volt inverter, the power requirements could make that approach cost-prohibitive.

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