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Solar Energy Systems For Homes

Joanne Said:

Should I feel guilty about a bad fake Google business review I wrote out of frustration?

We Answered:

HAHAHA at the "forgiveness" tree. That was really cute :] but I don't know what the guy said to you on the phone so I can't say if you were in the wrong or not.

Diana Said:

Renewable Energy Help-Windmills, 10 points for best answer..!?

We Answered:

4 = both of the above.
5 = If by controller you mean the control system (computer or PLC's) then that is the answer, neither of the others is correct
6 = The yaw drive, in conjuction with the wind vane.
7 = Passive solar heating
8 = False. Biggest drawback is that there is not distribution system for Hydrogen.
10 = Backup systems required.

Carole Said:

im doing a science assignemnt .. errm anyone know alot about renewable energy sytems in townsville?

We Answered:…
Try this-hope it helps

Lewis Said:

How Do I Start an Energy Converter Business?

We Answered:

Visit this site...

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