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Solar Energy Information

Philip Said:

I need information on Solar Energy please!?

We Answered:

Solar Cells:
Solar Energy:
Department of Defense urges commercial solar power to be used to beam power down to the ground:…
Department of Energy reports new record for solar cell efficiency:
Solar Energy Reports:…
Spray on Solar Cells:…
Cheap Plastic Solar Cells from USC Berkly:…
Lepcon or Lumeloid Solar Cells 80% efficient:…
(current technology has solar cells at only slightly over 40% efficiency)
Noncrystalline Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Kit:…
How to build your own solar cell:…
Environmental aspects of solar cell technology:…
Solar Updraft Power Plant:…
(the American one failed due to fogging on the mirrors, but a new one is being built in Spain.)

Leslie Said:

Information On Solar Energy?

We Answered:

You can find more information on solar energy for residential purposes here.…

-Dave C.

Billy Said:

where would I find information regarding regulation pertaining to solar energy?

We Answered:

As in other areas of new technology the legal system tends to lag behind the latest trends and advancements. Typically existing relevant regulations apply until there is a political necessity and will to carve out special exceptions and regulations.

We use solar energy in two distinct ways for energy. The oldest method is for heating. While solar thermal panels in active systems tend to be between 60 to 80% efficient, windows and skylights have been a means to passively gather solar heat for some time. There are existing regulations regarding the method of rating windows and most places require that windows of a certain thermal quality are used in buildings. These will be part of existing building codes.

We also use the sun's energy by converting it to electricity in solar electrical generating facilities and in photovoltaic panels which are presently from 8 to 24% efficient. Building codes may dictate how such panels are allowed to be mounted. Electrical codes will govern the wiring and the local utility may also have their own requirements for allowing a connection to the electrical grid.

Canadian building and electrical codes are adopted locally. There are standards that may be set nationally as recommendations and often provinces will adopt these in whole. Sometimes they will adopt a prior year's standards or pick and choose. You will find a more detailed account of the CE Code or Canadian Electrical Code here:…

Guy Said:

solar energy.....????

We Answered:

The panels absorb light from the sun, and convert directly into electricity. They are used in outer space, and remote locations on earth to generate power over long periods of time without maintenance. Anyplace else they are used, they are not cost effective.

To supply a small house with 3600 watts (when the weather is good and the sun shines) costs over $30,000. This isn't enough power to air condition a home or do much of anything else. (It will power 36 100 watt incandescent light bulbs ... when the sun is shining and the weather good.)

If you lived up north where no a/c was needed, used propane to heat and run a refrigerator (yes you can refrigerate just using propane as the energy source), used LED lighting, had some deep discharge storage batteries, a back-up propane generator, notebook computer, etc. you might possibly be able to sort of get by with solar cells.

But cost effective? No. And being an engineering to tie it all together and keep running would be helpful.

Brian Said:

I need as much information about Solar Energy possible. Can you give me some information and some source links

We Answered:

Solar power is the technology of obtaining usable energy from the light of the Sun. Solar energy has been used in many traditional technologies for centuries and has come into widespread use where other power supplies are absent, such as in remote locations and in space.

Solar energy is currently used in a number of applications:

* Heat (hot water, building heat, cooking)
* Electricity generation (photovoltaics, heat engines)
* Desalination of seawater.

Its application is spreading as the environmental costs and limited supply of other power sources such as fossil fuels are realized.

You could get more information from the link below...

Juanita Said:

information on solar energy for a project?

We Answered:…

Stacy Said:

SOLAR ENERGY: does anyone know of a website that provides good information about solar energy?

We Answered:

I do research on various topics relating to climate change, and had these sites in my file. They're in no particular order, but cumulatively they should give you plenty of solid information and lead you to other sources, if you need them.

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