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Solar Energy In Your Home

Virgil Said:

if solar energy can run the space station ,why can't it power your home?

We Answered:

You Absolutely completely can! The only limiting factor is the amount of energy your house uses. It would take 7 to 10 thousand dollars (which is not a huge expense if your building a home) to make enough power to run an average home.

But if your willing to make a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle, you can be extremely efficient and get buy on just a few 75 watt panels.

Zachary Said:

how to build solar energy in my home ?

We Answered:

solar energy collecter? Generator? Water heater?




Angel Said:

Has anybody had any dealings with this company. Are they ok to install solar energy in your home?

We Answered:

In the States, we have the Better Business Bureau, but not sure about Australia. You can always ask for references, and try to call and visit a work site nearby. At least to check to make sure not just a friend of the company type reference.

You can also level with the company once they put their bid in writing. Ask them point blank how they can do it cheaper.

Kelly Said:

What would have to happen with Solar Energy for you to make the investment in your home?

We Answered:

I already have, I invested $16K have practically eliminated my electric bill, last month was under $10, I will break even in no more than 6 years sooner if the proposed rate increases pass, and I will save at least $50K over the life of my panels. If I had waited until this year I would break even in my 4th year, because I would have received a $7800 fed tax credit instead of the $2K tax credit. I did get lucky because I got a $10K rebate from my utility thanks to my states solar initiative, but even without it I would save money in the long run.

We have the possibility of rolling black outs this week because of several days well over 100 degrees, but if it happens, my a/c will still be running.

I think we just need a change in perception. Many people invest tens of thousands into luxury items in their homes, but don't consider the one upgrade that will save them money and shelter their budget for years to come. My panels cost about half what I paid for my pool, about 1/3 of my kitchen remodel, and even less than the wood floors I had put in, they even cost less than my car. Yet they are the only expense that is paying me back.

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