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Solar Energy Equipment

Alicia Said:

Solar energy as an alternative fuel source. Do you agree with my points?

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Kathryn Said:

How to produce solar energy?

We Answered:

First you will need to gather 13 trillion tons of Hydrogen. Since Hydrogen is the most abundant substance in the universe this should be a relatively easy process.

Next you will need to apply a sufficient gravitational force to collapse the Hydrogen to such a point where the individuals molecules are interacting on an atomic level. Note: this may not be as easy as it sounds as too little force will results in a "clumpy cloud" of gas whilst too much and you end up with a singularity.

Now comes the easy part...just sit back and wait. For all practical purposes I recommend sitting WAY back. After about 100 million years you will have your own solar energy producing furnace.

Katherine Said:

Why is solar energy generators are so costly (India)?

We Answered:

Solar energy itself may be considered clean and easy to harness, but the materials needed to transduce sunlight into electricity are very expensive.…
Silicon wafers, needed to produce solar cells, are difficult to manufacture. The silicon must be of high purity, which is achieved by a lengthy and expensive process.

There are other possible ways being researched, such as polymer solar cells that don't require silicon.

Tonya Said:

Solar Energy interview?

We Answered:

I'm not what you're looking for, but maybe I can help a little? I'm doing a physics Masters in cadmium telluride solar cells. I work with a group of research scientists.

Q1: I don't make panels for people. We build small ones in labs using different techniques and then test them to try and work out how to make them more efficient, so companies can help people 'go green' more cheaply later on :p the physics is very interesting & challenging though.

Q2: I work in a university, so I'm still a student. That's fun!

Q3: Most solar equipment has very little danger, but we work with cadmium telluride, which is toxic. We have stringent safety procedures, although we only use tiny amounts (15g of the stuff coats about a square metre - the solar panels are very thin, about 5-thousandths of a millimetre).

Q4: No. It will take several decades; but I'm convinced that during the next decade some techs will become cost competitive in the US. We need to develop alternatives; porphyrin dye solar cells, copper-zinc-tin-sulphur cells or organics before we can provide countries worth of power.

Q5: It's clean and can produce huge amounts of power without taking up much land like wind power does. You still need backup or energy storage, but it's going to be very sensible in sunny places. I've calculated the heat flow changes and solar panels reduce global warming.

Q6: I have a solar charger for my phone and battery equipment that I was given as a gift & I use on camping etc. I wouldn't buy any for a few years yet though: I live in northern England!

Q7: I don't set it up for other people. I test cells pretty much every week though. With some periods of programming & writing in between.

Q8: I like being a student and researching something that other people haven't done yet. The challenge of the unknown is great.

Q9: Zero, right now :p

Q10: Right now it's too expensive, but in future it will be cheaper than grid power, and cleaner. Less air pollution = better health. Less global warming and insulation from price shocks when petrol and gas prices shoot up.

Russell Said:

what is the size or capacity of solar enegy eguipment that can light up a duplex type of house?

We Answered:

Forget it, you may need another duples house to fit the number of photovoltic cells and keep the equipment.

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