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Solar Energy Companies

Charlie Said:

Starting a Solar Energy company?

We Answered:

Most our electricians who have some contractor background, either moving into a new market or augmenting their regular day-to-day careers.

There are a few classes you can go to learn how to measure the sun for a customer, how various products are installed, the different types of panels and configurations as there are many.

The blast-off business lately that rides on grants from the government and local utilities is leasing programs for the panels. This made solar affordable for virtually everyone with a little bit of credit.

Elaine Said:

Would it be a good idea to invest in a solar energy company?

We Answered:

Sounds like a real opportunity.
There are several big players in the solar cell industry. I expect the best opportunity for a company like Flower Bed Energy is to patent its designs, then license them out to big manufacturers. If they do that they should really be able to rake in the cash.
I'm going to look into it more myself. But I'm still most confident in investing in the big players, Siemens, BP Solar, Sanyo ... They've built up such a huge market presence. I'm convinced they'll continue to dominate the industry for the next 5-10 years as it booms. They'll be buying up companies like Flower Bed Energy right and left.
Still, if I was going to put $1000 into solar stocks today I would consider $300 on Flower Bed and $700 on BP.

Theodore Said:

Should solar and wind energy companies get at lest the same support from the gov that the oil companies do?

We Answered:

more, even.

solar and wind are the future... eventually, whether it's in 50 years or 500 years, the oil WILL run out.

(then the saudis can eat their sand, for all i care.)

Jill Said:

Searching for solar energy French Companies?

We Answered:

Links here...…

Carrie Said:

What companies are the best in supplying Alternative Energy Generators(Solar, Wind...)?

We Answered:

Mr. Solar
Specializes in renewable energy products including solar panels, batteries, solar kits, and other items.
Kyocera Solar
Network of solar energy companies answering the growing worldwide demand for reliable, economical, solar-generated electrical power.
Big Frog Mountain
Manufacturer of solar panels, wind generators, inverters, batteries, and other renewable energy equipment.
Sierra Solar Systems
Engineers solar electric and solar pumping systems worldwide.

Terry Said:

Does anyone have a good recommedation for investing in solar energy and future energy companies?

We Answered:

This is a very good question. This is defiantly the way of the future. High energy prices will make this type of energy production viable even without government help. Unfortunately I have not found many companies that look solid at this time, and most traditional investment advisers lack vision to give good advice.
I have found a couple that are worth investing in. But do not take just my advice do more research. This, if done right, I believe is the best time to start investing in Alt Energy.
One company I like is (I think the name is) Solar Edison, they are in the New York/New Jersey area.
A mutual fund I like is Portfolio21 (PORTX).

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