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Solar Electricity For The Home

Gordon Said:

I am interested in building a small 16X16 home for off the grid living. What permits do I need?

We Answered:

You should talk to the building inspector in your area. Different locations have different requirements for permits.

You should check out the solar powered well pumps and off-grid solar kits available at AltE Store. We can help you find the right equipment to work for your needs. You need to make a loads list first, what is going to be powered, how many watts is it, and how many hours a day will it run.

Solar water heating can be used to provide hot water.

You could also use a composting toilet so you don't have to build a septic system, that would help with requiring less permits. You may only need a gray water system for the sinks.

Good luck!

Mark Said:

Advice on Solar electricity?

We Answered:

103 days x 24 hrs /d = 2,472 hours

1000kwh / 2,472hours = 404 Watts average. :)

You might look for a system that can do about 1,000 W peak, with bigger batteries if you have longer periods without sun. Also, I do not know Australian taxes / incentives. These could change the economics of your system.

If you have grid for backup, you may do with less solar.

A good contractor should be willing to explain it all with the quote. I expect that if you express an interest and show a real ability to pay, they will be happy to talk to you. Just compare two or more offers, and get them to explain why theirs is better than the other guy.

The site below may help:

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