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Solar Electric Panels For Homes

Joann Said:

Can the poor and middle class afford Global Warming?

We Answered:

Do little things. Replace the bulbs in your house with CFL, reuse and recycle, when you are going to make a new purchase buy the energy efficient model, buy in bulk (when appropriate). All of these will actually save you money too. Most people can't afford to switch off the grid tomorrow, but they can make some changes today, then if the green technologies are like most other things the costs will drop over time to the point you can afford to do more, and more.

Wade Said:

92 square acres of Ausra solar panels can power the intire country (with power lines and grids updated.Tell Me

We Answered:

Try "over the counter" at one of the local brokerages. There are a lot of panel producers out their you might research the ownership ond their suppilers ownership and see if you can find a connect a dot political resource in the up line to your company that has enough power to swing your company selection some sales later.
Interesting is a new book out called ""
buy it at the sight and get a 2.5 hour viedo free $59.00 I think Las vegas would be a perfect spot for a start up with selective advertizing.

Randall Said:

what should i be looking for in solar panels?

We Answered:

Hi there.
The logic behind how a solar panel works is very simple,
I mean it doesn't take Newton to understand that it's just about storing sun's energy, store it into a battery and use it.
So building a solar panel shouldn't be that hard either right?

I guess the number of panels you need depends on the number of people in your household and the power of the sunlight you can get at your place.
A single solar panel can generate up to 200 watts per day if you have some good quality sunlight.

If you didn't find it out yourself, it is very expensive to buy a solar panel. But if you do some research you can find out that you can make your own solar panel at about 200 dollars per panel. That's like saving a lot of money!

I'm not sure about whether or not you can sell your electricity, but if you are interested in a fully step by step guide on how to make a solar panel you can check
It's not like you need to have a master degree in engineering to be able to make a solar panel lol, I definitely recommend you making your own panels at home if you have some free time.

Good luck

Carlos Said:

Do you want to know the truth about green energy, why it does not work?

We Answered:

I know why it doesn't work. It's LIBERAL.

Liberals do not work.

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