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Solar Cell Home

Mitchell Said:

How do I install Solar Cell as an Alternate source of power for my home? Any references?

We Answered:

You can buy a kit at either [1] or [2] below. If you are just looking for installation instructions, there is a pdf at [3] below with instructions for installing a system.

Carol Said:

how can I know how many solar cell do i need to provide a 200 m2 home ?

We Answered:

a light needs 60W , and a fan need 60 W. so if u have 10 lights and 5 fans u need 15 x 60=900W
a solar cell (1m x 2m) contains 90~100W so
for 10 lights and 5 fans u need 10 (1m x 2m) solar cell..
if the numbers of lights and fans different u can use the solution above..

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write my paper for me reviews said:

I've heard that those tesla options are viable as well. They aren't too expensive and actually offer a pretty good deal on the long run. I'm going to get one installed for my home at the very least.