Solar Attic Fan

Leah Said:

Anyone have a solar powered attic fan on a til?

We Answered:

I don't know of anyone that has a solar powered attic fan. But I know of people having solar on their homes and run an attic fan.

I would think that the tiles would make the cost of anything more. Simply because they know you can afford the tiles so you could afford to pay a little more for their services.

It takes a tile kit to put solar on a roof and no one wants to get on a roof with tile on it. I know I will turn down any job that involved tile.

Good luck, but I bet it will cost a little more then you expect.

Leroy Said:

where to buy solar attic fan?

We Answered:

You didn't mention where you were located, but Home Depot, Lowes and Menards sell solar attic fans. I am not aware of a solar gable fan, mounting for the solar panel may be tricky.

Good luck!

Paula Said:

I am looking to put an attic fan in my house. How efficient/practical are the solar powered attic fans?

We Answered:

Unless you live where it gets very hot you would save more money by improving your insulation. The service department of the company I work for installs these and I cannot say that I recommend them for any area that does not regularly reach 100 degrees in the summer.

Gregory Said:

Should I have a solar attic fan installed instead of a hard-wired one?

We Answered:

This article,… recently appeared in the newspaper. The author has done some testing and analysis and decided they are not a real good idea, for the reasons listed in the article.

Fred Said:

What is better Radiant Barrier or Solar Attic Fan to reduce heat in the attic?

We Answered:

I was asking this question not too long ago.
I have the radiant barrier paint in my attic and was wondering if putting more attic fans on my roof would help (I live in south Texas it's 100 degrees today).
When we did the radiant barrier paint we also had changed out or windows to something more efficient, so our electric bill did go down, but I think it was more the windows than that paint. My husband was in the attic for about 3 hours spraying on that stuff and we also had a hard time finding the right kind of painting spray gun that could take kind of paint. I have now seen something that looks more like sheeting that goes over the rafters in your attic that is supposed to do the same thing. I would consider trying this if it weren't so HOT in the attic.
I think more fans would help more, but you also have on consider when it gets cold, will that make your attic colder?

Jeffrey Said:

Can anyone tell me about their own experience with a solar powered attic fan? Perhaps a brand and why.?

We Answered:

It's there during the summer for ventilation, and during the winter, to prevent it from getting too cold we tie a plastic bag over it to keep the rain/snow/etc out.

Dwayne Said:

Solar Attic Fan?

We Answered:

Any type of attic fan is beneficial. It provides a higher rate of air exchange in the attic. Be sure you have plenty of vents in the soffit, 70% min. is recomended. The cooler you can make the attic, the less you will be spending on cooling the living area.

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