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Small Solar Home

Perry Said:

Where can I get small, rechargeable solar lamps (lights) I could put throughout my home?

We Answered:

SO far I just haven't seen any solar powered lights or lamps that provide adequate light for indoor use except for some flood lights that actually give off too much light.

An alternative though is to get a battery operated light (like camping lanterns) and use rechargeable batteries with a solar recharger. This way you can leave the lights in place and just change the batteries.

I've been thinking about getting the charger at the link below. The same website also sells rechargeable batteries.

Eddie Said:

Can a home be ran on solar power alone in Illinois?

We Answered:

yes it can be done. Your home should be designed not only with solar electric panels for electricity, but with a solar design that will allow the sun to heat your house during the winter. Also your house should have a solar collector to heat your water. You should not have to depend on solar electricity to do any of your heating. The biggest problem will be winter when the amount of light will be at its minimum, and also during cloudy days but some solar panels can generate some electricity under clouds depending on how dark or how thick the clouds are. But yes, it can be done with a good design. Also, your house should have some really good insulation or thick walls.

Franklin Said:

Wind vs. Solar, which is better for a small home project?

We Answered:

depends on the sun and the wind at your location. If you only get sun a few hours a day, and you have lots of wind, then use the wind.


Veronica Said:

How can I power a couple small appliances using solar power?

We Answered:

Look up solar solar power supplies, battery charger and solar charger on the Internet.Lots of good information there.

You will need to know how much current you will be drawing, the number of hours you will be using power, the rating of the power supply and the insolation ( this is spelled correctly) from insolation tables on the Internet.

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Thank you for sharing! I want to reduce the cost of electricity and be greener.