Small Solar Home Plans

Karl Said:

What are my legal rights as a homeowner, against a problem neighbor?

We Answered:

1. Don't engage the guy directly or try to be his friend. That's a waste of time. Not everyone is meant to me friends, we just need to respect each other and our individual spaces. In other words, I stay out of your way and you stay out of mine.

2. The Police won't do anything if there is no evidence against you. If you were at work, and the holes in the solar panels were made while you were at work, then it wasn't you.

3. An acre is approximately 208 feet on one side and you say "our neighbors homes are very far away", which I assume means you are set fairly far into your own parcel of land. So, unless you can hit a golf ball over 1,000 feet, how could you have done this?

Maybe you should hit the tour and make enough money to buy a house away from this lunatic.

Alexander Said:

My husband and I have decided to relocate. Any suggestions on small towns in sunny areas affordable to live?

We Answered:

Check out the Cumberland Pleteau area of Tennessee, Jamestown, Crossville, Cookville areas, scenery is beautiful, average year round temp is 52 degrees, highways were voted third nationwide, people are friendly senic views are awesome, lots of trails to hike in the state parks, rock formations, waterfalls, really a pretty area of the country... we have lived in this area for almost three years, moved here from Indiana. We probably had a total of five or six inches of snow all last year, and less the previous years before that. No state income tax, however sales tax runs about 10%, property taxes reasonable, we are paying one third of what we paid in Indiana, we have a little over three acres with two super nice outbuildings and a two bedroom three bath home, with a partial basement. There are still some good deals to be found in this area if you shop around.

Christina Said:

Making a green powered home help?!?

We Answered:

Total cost would be dictated by your location, usable roof space, and feasibility of your property (excess shading can make your entire project moot). Another very important factor you did not explicitly state when you say "electrically independent" it whether or not you want to be "off grid" or simply have a "grid-tied" system that will cover 100% of your energy consumption. If you go completely off grid you will have to buy very costly batteries to store the energy your panels or turbines produce during the day so you may use the power at your discretion (at night time).
Another point to realize when talking about renewable energies and worth for a home is the fact that putting solar panels on you home will actually increase the value of your home.

My recommendation would be to talk to people in your area who use wind or solar power to get a sense of how it's working out for them. As far as costs I would have to recommend Global Solar Center-
They are a great resource for learning about solar costs. If you visit their site they will provide you with a free solar quote, a break-even analysis, your projected annual savings and IRR, as well as all the info you need regarding incentives you will be eligible for. Their team is super informative and after discussing your needs with them, they will point you in the most economical direction.
As a side note- they do work with both solar and wind technology and even offer multiple financing options to help ease the costs of a solar installation.

Mattie Said:

DO you think this looks tacky?

We Answered:

That would look nice, but it would look better if you had a bigger house. if its tiny then no. lol. good luck!

Leona Said:

How do you build "green?"?

We Answered:

Be aware that in Panama almost no one builds "green." So, there's almost no experienced contractors who will know what your mother is talking about (they will paint her house with green paint.) Whatever she wants to do, it's going to cost her more to get there. And, she's going to have to be able to come up with her own plan and describe it in detail to the builder so that it gets done correctly.

I don't know how well your mother speaks Spanish, but if she's not functionally fluent then she might want to consider bringing in a translator to make sure she's getting her "spirit and intent" across. As long as she has a clear understanding of what she wants (as an end result) and can communicate that to a builder or contractor, then she will be able to get it done.

There are lots of suppliers here in Panama who can provide electrical solutions for things like wind and solar power, but be advised that in Panama the greatest source of electrical power is from hydroelectrical dams, which are about as "green" as it gets. If your mother installs a stand-alone system based on solar or wind power simply because she does not want to use the existing power grid, then she will actually be doing more harm to the environment than good because of the batteries, etc. The greenest way to get electrical power in Panama is to just use the standard service.

With regards to water, there are lots of ways to catch rainwater for example and use it for non-drinking purposes, to flush toilets, water lawns, etc. There are "light" filtration systems that will allow that water to be used for washing clothes, etc. But again, realize that here in Panama sweet water and rainfall is plentiful but not all year long. There is a long (at least three month) dry season which can be longer. Water catchment systems are fine when it's raining, but she will still want to be on the system for drinking water and as a backup.

The short answer is this - she can do whatever she wants, as long as she knows what she wants to do. Someone will be able to put it together for her. Good luck, and I hope this helps.

Agnes Said:

How to live a life of solitude, as a hermit.?

We Answered:

Wow, that was quite a read.
What can I say... gee, I hope you are joking

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