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Sharp Solar Panels

Roberto Said:

Bring back The airships?

We Answered:

They are incredibly slow too. Not exactly practical if you need to be somewhere anytime soon.

Jason Said:

which pocket calculator should I buy?

We Answered:

Get a casio. I perfer casio. Try whsmith.

Joshua Said:

Does anyone else see a conflict of interest here?

We Answered:

Definitely an indoctrination.

And I'm not surprised by the liberals here who see no problem with this.

A solar power company, comes in with its presentation to little kids to feed them nonsense about climate change.

Now if the CEO of FOx News came in to do a presentation about liberal bias in the media, or if a banker did a presentation about the beauty of tax cuts and reaganomics, theyd throw up their hands in protest.

Dan Said:

"Stupid" Redefined?

We Answered:

How about....

Sandwich short of a picnic?
Couple of cans short of a six pack?
Not playing with a full deck?

Keep 'em coming

Ruben Said:

Cell phone buying advice...please help, especially if you're educated in the subject!!?

We Answered:

You may buy mentioned green phones (unlocked) from net and can use it with verizon or ATT if they are offering SIM cards for unlocked mobile phones.
Blue earth available on

SE also launched some Green phones. They claims that it was made of green way and can help you live in green way. There are many models like Naite, Cedar,Elm, Hazel, Aspen. But i think Aspen will be more suitable to your need as it offers Qwerty keypad and touch screen but form like like BB.
Check it out that also if found interesting. You can buy unlocked handsets from Online(ebay and like) and can use it with ATT or others.

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