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Rv Solar Panel

Alvin Said:

what kind of solar panel do i need to run stuff in my RV?

We Answered:

Can you get a propane fridge instead of electric? Those are very common in RVs, you may already have it. You can then go to a loads calculator to determine the power needed for the rest of the electronics.… and take the watt hours it tells you and put in the off-grid calculator,… . It will tell you the size of the solar array and battery bank needed.

Some popular RV solar kits are here, but most won't power a fridge,…

Travis Said:

What wattage of a solar panel will I need to power a 16 foot rv?

We Answered:

You missed a very important piece of info, how long will each of these be on? You need to multiply the watts x the number of hours they are on to determine the watt hours. You also have to figure out what will be plugged into the outlets, and how much power they use. There's a calculator to help you figure this out at…

40W won't even begin to cover the power requirements, especially since you have an electric fridge instead of a propane one. You'll probably need at least 10x that. Sealed AGM 12V batteries are generally needed, again, you'd need to calculate your loads to determine how big of a battery bank, probably somewhere around 400ah (again, just a guess based on your list, you'd need to determine how long they are on). Here's a 200ah, you would combine them in parallel to increase the amphours.…

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