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Price Solar Panels

Brenda Said:

Are solar panels worth the price for schools?

We Answered:

No. They are too expensive and make too little power.

To people who say they save money slowly over the years, I say that they don't last forever and may be useless before they pay for themselves. Why? They can be damaged by hail or other natural forces. They do degrade over time, putting out less power when they are old. And new technology is being invented so fast that before that 30 years that it takes to make enough power to pay back their cost much cheaper solar cells will be invented and if you had just waited to buy it you could have saved a lot of money.

For now solar power is best left to rich people who want to flaunt their "greenness".

Penny Said:

Where can I buy Solar panels in Tamil Nadu at affordable price?

We Answered:

just type 'solar system tamilnadu' in your search page

U'll get lot of address. There are many companies in Tamil nadu in this business


David Said:

What's the lowest price you have seen for Solar Panels? Hard to install?

We Answered:

They have solar panels that produce at 70% efficiency, and they have panels that will produce electricity with snow on them.

They also work better in colder temperatures, than in hot temperatures.

They are tricky to install, that is usually done by a professional because you need to tie them into the grid, or disconnect from the grid completely. They also produce high amps, but low voltage per each panel, so that when you wire them to the power inverter you have usable electric power.

Billy Said:

Anybody know where to buy solar panels at a whosale price here in miami?

We Answered:

Here are a few tips that you can use to find your answers for this and for other things like this in the future:
--Call companies who sell "solar panels" and ask if they will sell the panels at a wholesale cost to you, if not ask if you can have the number or name of their distributor. Call the distributor and ask if you can buy wholesale from them
-- If you know the name of manufacturer of the "Solar Panels" you want, call the company and ask if they will sell directly to you, if not then ask for a distributor's phone number and call the distributor and ask if they will sell wholesale to you.
--Most likely they will sell to you, You may stumble onto few problems if you don't own a buisness. Wholesale is usally reserved to buisnesses.You may be given a discount for a large quantiy purchased at once.

Hope this helped

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