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Price Of Solar Panels

Vicki Said:

what is the price of the solar panels in chennai??? at present?

We Answered:

Now it's easier than ever to build your own solar panel and wind turbine with materials you can find at any hardware store. No special tools or expertise needed, anyone can do this. Just click the source below if you'd like to know how to do it!

Diana Said:

Who knows of a honest Company that sells wind generators and solar panels for a decent price?

We Answered:

Try Northern Arizona Wind and Sun. Their prices are decent, not always the lowest, but decent. Service is good, and the forum they sponsor has helped many.

Another company,, has good prices, but you need to wade through the hype. Know what you want, and don't believe everything you read.

On occasion, some Home Depot stores actually stock the large 165 and 175-watt Mitsubishi panels.

Mathew Said:

Can someone explain what "per watt of capacity" means?

We Answered:

Anything that generates electricity is generating power, which is measured in watts. A generator, a battery or a solar panel has a maximum output capacity of a certain number of watts. How much power it puts out depends on the demand of the circuit and on the input power. A generator can vary its output power as its speed varies, and a solar panel varies its output with the amount of sunlight impinging on it. So output can vary considerably, but the capacity is the maximum it can output under optimum conditions, and this is a key specification you want to know when designing a circuit around a particular power source.
A solar panel of a given size will be rated at a certain wattage output, assuming an optimum sunlight exposure. So it it costs $100, the cost per watt capacity is $100/ the rated output.

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