Passive Solar Home Designs

Terry Said:

What negative environmental impacts are there from manufacturing solar panels?

We Answered:

I get the impression PV panels have become quite fashionable in the States, I heard of someone in the UK placing a panel on the north side of the building "because that's where people will see it".

I'm not sure on the amont of embedded energy in PV panels, it is too significant to be the best option environmentally in the context of installing them on an house which is on grid.

You've got yourself a smart man there. I have heard about people using fans to move heat from the south to noth side with success, I'm not sure you mean wind energy as such.

Below is a link to a book on the subject.…

Don't forget your solar water heating, not pretty, but probably worth it.

Cynthia Said:

Where can I find super insulated home designs?

We Answered:

I am a 100% supporter of ICF.Using a wall/footer design you can then backfill to subgrade and use hot water heat in floor.There are kits where you can use a hot water heater for heating.

I have a friend that built a house using ICF and he said you would not believe the energy savings.

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Darlene Said:

How can I see visually how celestial bodies will move across my property for home designing purposes?

We Answered:

Time laps photography.

Or you may go on line and enter your long/lat into a website that offers celestial tracking information. Probably NASA.

Maybe Google Earth can help.

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