Off Grid Solar Home

Jason Said:

How have you gotten yr. home "off the grid" of dependency on gas and electrical (etc.) companies?

We Answered:

Can't actually go totally off the grid but I do everything I can to reduce my usage. I have all energy star appliances and a mini water heater (it heats water that I am actively using rather than storing it so it is only using energy when I use hot water and I save water by not storing it). I am researching solar generators to supply power to outdoor units like the hot tub (needed for medical reasons) and exterior lighting over 3 years I have reduced my energy usage by 1/2 and I am always open to better ways to cut energy costs. So although I am not off the grid I am saving energy and money.

Wade Said:

could someone direct me to a solar power installer for my home i mean a total systemtrying to get off the grid?

We Answered:

You must be awfully rich....

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