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Modular Solar Homes

Shane Said:

If the government is going to go socialist why not do this?

We Answered:

Sounds like a good idea but it won't happen. The government may have social programs but the people will fight tooth and nail to make sure we don't have a Socialist Government.Builders want to make bigger profits and local governments want more expensive homes so they can tax on a higher tax basis. They get more raises in their own paychecks by doing so.Making a buck supersedes common sense.When it comes to any Government the trend is to complicate things not simplify things.

Andrea Said:

Off-grid (or nearly so) living in Colorado?

We Answered:

Hy :)

I built a homemade wind generator with this guide
its actually pretty easy to implement and if you compare commercial wind generators which cost about $3500 or more, then this only cost about $200 or less and you can produce up to 80% of your household need. Well I have reduced my power bills by couple hundred dollars, so its worth the build.

I believe that you can easily build it, because I did :)

Have fun and I hope this helped.

Oh and this guide btw came with solar power panel building instruction also, so its useful :)

I myself havent looked into thermal energy but it costs way to much and the ROI is very low as I heard..

Andy Said:

Can I find a good modular home builder that specializes in energy efficiency or even solar paneling in Alabama?

We Answered:

Contact contractors in your area. Ask them if they have built modular homes before and if they know of green modular manufacturers. Then get referrals.

Adrian Said:

How do you rotate a house 90 degrees?

We Answered:

Yes, it can be done. (House Movers in the yellow pages) I have a funny feeling that the cost of "turning" your house will be 3-4 times more than what money that you save on heat. Good luck with it.

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yvette said:

Can u install sp n a mobile home or a trailer?