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Marine Solar Power

Jeffrey Said:

Different specs for deep cycle marine batteries?

We Answered:

yes, 2.5 hrs * 25 amps = 62.5 AH

but...the faster you discharge a battery, the fewer amp hours it can supply before it is completely discharged.

other words, if the spec says "100 amp hours", that means the battery is designed to supply 5 amps for 20 hours...but you can be sure that it won't supply 20 amps for 5 hours -- it'll be closer to 3 maybe 3 1/2. (google "peukert effect")

also, "completely discharged" means 10.5 volts...but most battery-powered equipment will cease to function before it gets that low. depending of course on what it's running...most stuff, when you get to around 50% state of discharge, it's functionally dead.

btw, MCA as I understand it, is cranking amps at 32ºF

Wanda Said:

deep cycle marine battery inside a house or room?

We Answered:

I am not aware of any legal installation that will allow internal non vented mounting.

The thing with wet lead acid batteries is that they absolutely must be kept away from any possible form of ignition. If charging a deep cycle battery anything above a basic maintenance level one of the by-products is hydrogen gas. This stuff goes BANG seriously if lit up. Further they must be kept at a stable temperature at all times because the possible stratification due to abnormal low ground surface temperatures (because this may be so low at the bottom of the individual cells compared to the top it can very quickly destroy any battery on an uninsulated slab). This is why you would mount them well up off the ground, say a couple of feet at least and put them in an external box or cover - the more insulated the better but most particularly allow heaps of ventilation from and to the outside. I know this appears a bit silly on the face of it but the most important thing to remember is that the battery is just a bucket of acid and metals - if it is outside the designed range of temperature then you will get no redress from your retailer if it all stops working. That means no warranty. If someone was injured due to a faulty installation then the installer will be liable. It's that simple.

If a battery explodes - and they can - you or others may be showered with sulfuric acid at about 35% concentration. This may well be a very life altering experience, but definitely not one that can be recommended.

Dale Said:

Solar power .?

We Answered:

first, marine batteries are not deep cycle batteries. they are extra heavy duty-heavy duty car batteries. probably designed for marine use in marine vehicles in place of land vehicles.

second, a 5w panel will take a very long time ,you might want to expand your solar panel array. you're probably looking at a day or two in charge time.

Yolanda Said:

Can a house be run on total solar power?

We Answered:

U need a professional do to this. You can't mount them yourself, just find a company specialized in such things. You also need to calculate how many panels you need according to your energy needs, how large the batteries, etc. But a house can be run on solar power. The batteries accumulate the energy which in turn will be used during the night.
In fact my dream for the future is building a small a solar plant so I can sell energy to a village,etc. Such an investment will trun to profit in 5-10 years max.

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