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Making A Solar Panel At Home

Stacy Said:

Information on making solar panels?

We Answered:

I doubt that you are going to want to learn how to dope your own silicon wafers, add contacts and laminate them into PV panels.  I also doubt that you're going to even want the various chemicals to make e.g. cadmium-based cells anywhere near your house (cadmium is a very toxic metal).  In other words, making your own solar panels is not an at-home project.

You can buy solar panels based on cells of several different types.  A link to a Pricewatch-like website for current prices on solar panels is below.  Mounting panels to roofs or pole mounts, running conduit and wires, and installing battery banks and inverters are within the capabilities of skilled laypeople.

More data at the links.

Edit:  I am reporting all of Agua-Luna's cut-and-paste pieces as spam.  I encourage others to do likewise.

Vera Said:

what difference does solar panelling make to bills?

We Answered:

The estimates I have for uk are approximately 30% of your hot water costs, heating is very little because even though bright sunshine is not requires for solar energy, cloud cover would prevent enough heat being generated to pump round a heating system, unless you cover a very large area of roof there would be very little benefit on heating.

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