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Make Solar Panels At Home

Ronnie Said:

how to make solar panels at home?

We Answered:

The solar panel described in the you tube footage is a photovoltaic panel. Here is another article:… Photovoltaic panels are just one of the three kinds. These types of panes are about 8 to 14% efficient at changing light to electricity.

There are also two general types of thermal panels.

Thermal panels are far simpler to make at home but they convert the sunlight to heat with from 60 to 80% efficiency. The two general categories are:

Hot air solar thermal panel (these are the easiest to make):…
Hot water solar thermal panel (These can be either "flat panel or vacuum tube solar panels: see above article)

Lori Said:

can i make solar panel at home?

We Answered:

Yes you can build a solar panel at home. This is a very good project on the benefits of solar energy and they can be built for a small amount of money unless you plan on building a large panel. There is a lot of information on the web, with some sites asking you to pay for the information. Look around and I think you can find the information you need as the other answer has given you.

We have a PDF list of different sizes and currents of solar cells and the manufactures on our blog site at on the products page. We also show you how to wire the cells in parallel and in series.

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