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Make Solar Cell At Home

Anne Said:

global warming, how to stop it?

We Answered:

It still amazes me how many people think global warming is a "scam" or "hoax." I've studied it for decades and it is definitely real (and potentially diasterous, though the scope of the could range from bad to catastrophic.)

The true "scam" is the corporate misinformation campaign directed at discrediting the science so as to mantain their profits at our childrens expense.

Read ALL the information. The global warming detractors always base their conclusions on baised data or data from limited or localized sources.

To answer the question, to help limit global warming; stop unnecessary driving; drive a fuel efficient car; Reduce power usage and buy green power, recycle (especially aluminum), be informed as to everything's carbon footprint.

Yolanda Said:

NISSAN LEAF car's...Mommy...where do the electrons from the wall socket come from?

We Answered:

Very creative. I enjoyed the performance. Please don't be offended if we examine the suppositions and offer a creative story of our own.

The "electrons" come from many things depending upon choices that are made and will be made. In the US a majority of electricity is NOT from coal (48% and falling,) oil has always been a very small portion of production(1%.) 20% is Nuclear. 21% is natural gas...1 Electric cars are approximately 6 times as efficient as the internal combustion engine.2 The price of electricity is roughly equal to gasoline at about $4.00 per gallon but since you can go 6 times further it is more like paying $4.00/6 = 67cents per gallon for the fuel. If you do this at night the price is likely to be half so about 33 cents per gallon.3 It is true that you will not own a Leaf for 30 years as a smart consumer is going to trade it in for an even more efficient vehicle and those solar panels will be long paid off and giving you an extra income from the electric company.

So here is the bedtime story as promised: When I was little children we used to have places called gas stations. When the supplies of gasoline were not enough you had to go there and wait in long lines for the fuel that was getting more and more expensive.4 "But mommy, could the little children have fun filling up the car with gasoline like we do putting the induction paddles in our own garage?" No children, it was too dangerous for children to do. Even sometimes adults would set fires by talking on their cell phones when pumping gasoline.5 "Mommy, did people like going to gas stations?" No children, the restrooms were scary, the gasoline smelled funny and even the snacks were always some kind of junk food. Now we don't have to make any special trips because the car charges while we sleep at our home. When we go on our trips we stop at restaurants and stores where they charge our car for free in their parking lots. Mommy, I am glad we don't have one of those cars that need a gas station.

Sam Said:

Cell brochure project?

We Answered:

ty for answering my question b4. I like your cell analogy too. It is very original and i checked it over and everything makes sense ^^. I had too do a similar project like this but i based my analogy on a city.

Donna Said:

Solar cell phones and automobiles? We can do it!?

We Answered:

The solar car has been done. But in order to be practical, it only leaves about 2 cubic yards of space for the passenger and any cargo. NO ONE is going to squeezing into a 6x3x3 area to drive around each day, and certainly not if they have kids. And that doesn't even begin to address truck shipping needs!

Rooftop solar panels have also proven to be a lot more expensive to manufacture, install, and maintain than the energy output they provide. A typical rooftop costs about $75,000 to install. It would take you over 100 years to recoup that cost. So it simply isn't practical.

Solar powered cell phones? I'm all for that! This way, most of the time when people want to use them inside cars and restaurants and movie theaters, they wouldn't work! You'd have to go outside and be in direct sunlight for them to work. THAT is a fantastic idea.

A much more practical solution is to require more people to ride motorcycles, by law. They do it on Bermuda and other island nations where traffic and pollution are a concern, and in places where there are large numbers of people like China, India, Europe and the rest of Asia, motorcycles are not only more prevalent but they are also more efficient. The typical 650cc motorcycle today gets between 40-mph and 50-mph. THAT is a REAL thing we can do today.

If the law said you could only use a motorcycle within city limits, you'd not only see a massive savings in energy use, but much better traffic, much better and more attentive driving skills (by necessity), and much more interest in letting people work from home.

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