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Make A Solar

Clarence Said:

How to make solar oven. Without using a pizza box?

We Answered:

Burn lots of fossil fuels and wait . . .

Your oven needs to just collect the heat. A clear plastic (PVC) beach ball would work if the back of it was painted black (but not hot enough to boil water).

You need something to concentrate the light better. If you make a big dish (parabolic is best - look it up) and line it with foil, it can be positioned to focus the light. This will easily boil a small can of water (paint the can black so it absorbs better). If you cover the unit with clear plastic it will work better in cold air.

An old satellite dish antenna makes for an easy solution. This other idea is super neat:…

Melanie Said:

How we make solar lights inside home?

We Answered:

Find Out About The Best Guides On Homemade Solar Panels In Our Latest Review And Decide Yourself
Homemade Solar Panels are a hype......and fairly so!

Solar energy saves the environment and shrinks your energy bill. As contractor installed solar panels are much too expensive, there are guidebooks obtainable to help you make your own Home Solar Power for a small percentage of these costs.
But can I really make solar panels myself? Sure you can. Its not that complex as many have done it before you.

Weve researched the 7 best-selling manuals for Homemade Solar Panels and picked out the best guides for you. We selected the guidebooks based upon critical purchase aspects like: unfussiness of instructions, customer service, bonuses, etc.

And the greatest instruction manual for Homemade Solar Panels is...Earth4Energy

Earth4Energy: The number one guidebook for Home solar Power

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

CNN and The New York Times are some sources where this instruction manual too comes out best and they recommend it highly.

The reason why everyone wants to buy this instruction manual for Home Solar Power is in fact very simple, the illustrated step-by-step information and the high-quality video explanations are making it so easy to install your own solar panel. Some good bonuses that are really useful are where to buy all the components for a nice price.

Every manual has included:

* The price is less than $49 and you will have a membership for a lifetime with free updates;
* They give you all of your money back if you decide within 60 days that you don't like it;
* Offer extra value packs (however some handbooks get you more, some less).

There are however more guides which are good for you and worth checking out:

GreenDIYenergy: The best Video Instructions

Rating: stars-4-5

The video that goes with this handbook are the best and they are a big help for making the system. In a video of over 120 minutes you will know everything on the subject of Home Solar Power and with the great step-by-step information you will have no trouble at all to make your own homemade solar panel.

Power4Home: Greatest Bonus material for Home Energy 1000 Saving Tips

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

This guidebook holds almost the same level of information and videos for homemade solar panels but it is just a little less than the GreenDIYenergy or the Earth4Energy. What makes this handbook so good though, are the two books you get as a bonus ("83 Ways to reduce your home energy needs" and "Advanced Power Saving Technologies"). They provide you some good information and are not merely the standard advertising tricks.

HomeMadeEnergy: Best Client Support

Rating: stars-4-5

HomeMadeEnergy will give you first-class step-by-step information with illustrations included. But there is no video support with this guide. The email support service however, was really fast with responding and they gave clear answers. Excellent helpline!! More than ever when you are not the greatest DIY black-belt. This is how HomeMadeEnergy effectively differentiates itself from the other guides available in the market.

We recommend as the best Homemade Solar panels guide: Earth4Energy
By: Marly Kester

Velma Said:

Is it possible to make a good non toxic black paint at home for coating Utensils used for Solar Cooking ?

We Answered:

i would use engine paint good till 500 degrees ( automotive store) and then let it sit in the sun to cook off any remaining out gases ,,,once its cured it wont emit anything . but making paint ????????,you could try the old fashion " milk paint "
it wont last, in that super heated enviroment . goggle it and you will find an online source.

you will just have to recoat as you need too .
good luck ,,,,very cool way to cook ~!

Michael Said:

How much does it cost a factory to make a solar panel?

We Answered:

First Solar recently announced that their costs to produce panels dropped below $1 per watt. I don't know how much of that is accounting tricks. Of course, that doesn't mean that they would sell panels for that price - any capitalistic company is expected to drive the price up to what the market will bear.

Crystalline silicon panel producers are coming in at about $2.50/watt right now for the best of them. But again, the selling price is what the market will bear.

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