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Make A Solar Panels

Jacob Said:

Judge my theory on solar panels, are we on the verge of limitless power?

We Answered:

I think we have already reached the point where solar electricity is cheaper than grid electricity, in some areas. Where I live in California is an example. As prices continue to fall, business should pick up even more.

However, there are two lessons from history:

1) People don't do what's mighty good for them. Since the 80's, it's been widely known that adding insulation to homes will pay for itself in just a few seasons, and save money thereafter, but few people did the retrofit. Efficiency standards evolved, but people don't like to change or think.

2) Business will always try to maximize profit. In the 30's, they were talking about hydroelectric power, so abundant that it would be too cheap to meter. We see what happened to that. The power grid would need to be reworked to incorporate large amounts of solar, but then, someone would find a way to run the price up to the maximum someone was willing to pay. Maybe connection fees to the grid would skyrocket.

Norman Said:

What type of commission can I expect to make selling solar panels?

We Answered:

ask the big guy (boss)

Larry Said:

How much energy do solar panels make?

We Answered:

19 - 56 W/m sq.

Gertrude Said:

Why not make Solar Panels Mandatory?

We Answered:

The price is to high! the systems fail. the though is good. mandatory? we need an energy policy that promotes clean energy/wind, solar PV, solar thermal, solar hot water, solar A/C and chillers, nukes, and taxes to the real price of oil, coal, beef....

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