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Info On Solar Power

Roy Said:

Hey i need help on getting some info on solar powering?

We Answered:

You can buy solar panels at Click on Solar power, then click on panels for projects.

Also, the downside of using solar energy is the sun isn't always available.

Other than that, solar energy is awesome.

Carmen Said:

I am having trouble finding info. on solar-powered cars?

We Answered:

Have a look here...…

Debbie Said:

Info on solar power for someone with little knowledge?

We Answered:

Alexandra is almost right. You would have to get DC powered lights and pumps, and it would only run when the sun is shining brightly. Solar panels do not produce AC power directly. If you really want to do it, you will need:

1. Find out how much power your pump(s), heater, and lights draw. You must know this to size your system. You must have enough solar collection, enough battery power, and the correct size charge controller and inverter.

2. Buy everything you need (Probably about $500 or more)
3. Pay another $200 bucks or so to get it installed.
4. Enjoy, it may pay for itself in 20 years.

If you are serious about paying a lot more for your power to help the environment, You would probably be much better off to just talk to your power company about installing the smallest system you can in your house that would allow you to sell power to the grid. That way you don't need batteries. The power you generate would just be a negative (credit) on your bill. It wouldn't be specifically for the tanks, but would save the energy anyway.

Good Question. Most people don't know what it takes to use Solar and how expensive it is. I do. It is a great and wonderful thing, but not as easy as most would think.

Jeanne Said:

I need information on solar power????

We Answered:

1. Try the Yahoo search bar

2. Try Google

3. Try Wikipedia

4. Try Engineering, it has almost nothing to do with astronomy and space.

Marie Said:

I'm looking for info. on solar power,I want info on the cost of roof panels, & the best place 2 buy them?

We Answered:

A good price for panels is $4 / watt today. This is for a system that is several thousand watts, so it would be (say) $16,000 for a 4000-watt system. WIth professional installation and the other parts you need to make it work, the total system price could be $20-25,000. If your city and state has a good rebate program, you might get back half of that money.

It is possible, but not easy, to set them up yourself in most locations. But you would have to be the kind of person that is okay with replacing your own roof by yourself, and rewiring your service panel by yourself.

I installed our system myself. We took some video while I was doing it - see the link below.

A neighbor just got a system professionally installed. He actually paid less than I spent, possibly because professional installers get quite a discount on panels, which more than makes up for their labor. Try looking up solar installers in your phone book, or on the internet. Couldn't hurt to get a free quote, just to see how much it is.

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icariin 98% said:

A lot of very useful info, I'm looking to use solar soon for my house but it's an old house so it may take a lot of work to sort out.