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Info About Solar

Christine Said:

anybody got any info on solar panels for energy savings?

We Answered:

Installing solar panels is now much more affordable than most people realize. Depending on where you live, new financing mechanisms such as the Sungevity Solar Lease, PACE (property-assessed clean energy) and PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) allow you to get solar with zero money down--you pay off the system on a monthly basis, and your monthly payments are likely to be less than you're paying for electricity right now. Also, if you go with one of these financing mechanisms, you'll be guaranteed a fixed rate for 10-15 years so you won't have to worry about utility rate hikes. Last but not least, there are some great rebates and tax credits available right now for PV systems and solar hot water heaters--check out for details. I've had solar panels on my roof for years but wish this kind of creative financing had been available to me (oh well). I'm going to see if I can find an installer who will put up panels on my son's school using some kind of PPA. (Oh, and if you live in New Jersey, check out this article about how installing solar can actually be a get-rich-quick (while saving the planet) scheme because of an amazing incentive program mandated by the state--

Enrique Said:

Can you give me some info about solar crop dryer?

We Answered:

Essentially, you place your food on a window screen with cheesecloth above and below the food. It works moderately well if you live in the hot desert (during the dry season, anyway), not so well in a rain forest. You might have to take the setup indoors at sunset.

Nicole Said:

Info about solar cells, How do you collect data from them, advantages and disadvantages (for project)?

We Answered:

I'm no expert, but to get data from a solar cell array, one would have to record, on a daily basis, the voltage and amperage being generated. That would give the researcher an average output for a given location.

The advantage is obvious, that continued power generation is continuous once the array is paid for. Power is obtained from the array can be given a cost factor (how much is the power worth) and that way, the pay-back period (amortization) can be determined.

Disadvantages are (1) high initial cost of a solar array and the electronics needed to boost it up to a usable voltage, (2) low output of the array which means the amortization period will be fairly long, and (3) difficulty of keeping the output at a maximum level (the cells will do best when aimed directly at sunlight, so the array needs to have a means to swivel it).

Hope that helps.

Karl Said:

what is the best source of info about solar power A toZ?

We Answered:

There are numerous books on how to use solar power. The problem is "solar power" can be anything from coloring a wall black, to installing a photovoltaic electricity system on your home. Heck, crocodiles use it by pushing their blood up on nodes in their back to warm. If you want the basics on solar electricity, solar thermal, geothermal, or pool heating...the most common for the home you can go to Another good way is to visit solar conferences and shows, they are always ready to answer technical questions and show you the ropes.

Alfredo Said:

Where can I find info about solar feed-in tariff for electricity and renewable energy in Gainesville, FL?

We Answered:

start at the environmental dept of your local university.

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