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How To Make Solar Cells At Home

Ivan Said:

Can the following idea work to save the United States & Re-Invent Itself? R U Reading this Brun the Leader?

We Answered:

Roth-child owens 60 sum estates and the idea of cutting off the bread line to the Rothschild's life it self .They employ thousands if not millions of people Look at John Turmel who is up and in their face protesting usury John and me and you will never stop the family of the Golden Rule .You got the gold you Rule ! And again their God is and always will be Gold, Oil,& Drugs GOD ! what hurts is that we live on the same planet and have the rights as everything that has taken birth
and One family that could Save the World would rather exploit the very people that gave them the power of Control So how many years will we face this abuse and slavery by the few And what would we do with the game of MONOPOLY maybe a game of BARTER AND
EXCHANGE I can sense your frustration to all of this Crap and to know now that where just Slaves and can`t do a thing about it, just grow old and die in and the name of DEBT "God help the Children ;

Micheal Said:

How do you make a good solar panel?

We Answered:

you can learn how to build yours by visiting…

Arthur Said:

How do I build a good solar cell?

We Answered:

I would say you are out of luck with your limits. Silicon semiconductor solar cells produce about 1/2 a volt each, so you need 3 to make the volt and a half needed to light an LED. And to make silicon you have to use some high temp purification processes - unless you are going to buy the thin fragile wafers and work with them.

Matthew Said:

how can i make photo voltic / electric cell cheap at home?

We Answered:

I'm sorry but there is no way possible to manufacture a solar cell or photovoltaic cell outside of a industrial environment, they are made from a mono crystalline silicon wafer - consisting of a large-area, single layer p-n junction diode- usually, amorphous silicon, poly-crystalline silicon, micro-crystalline silicon, cadmium telluride, copper indium selenide/sulfide.
There is also some newer technology - These new devices include photo-electrochemical cells, Polymer solar cells, and nanocrystal solar cells.

Companies working on third generation photovoltaics include Xsunx, Konarka Technologies, Inc., Nanosolar and Nanosys. Research is also being done in this area by the USA's National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Ted Said:

printed solar cell's who invented and how they are made?

We Answered:

I googled [inventor of solar cell + Printed]…

From there to here, the 6'th Site down on the search result page.
I glanced at the entire article and did not find the inventor, sorry
SOLAR CELLS AND SOLAR PANELS - SOLAR NAVIGATOR WORLD ELECTRIC - Solar cells panels farms sizing generation and distribution of ... Charles Fritts, 1886, inventor of the first selenium solar panel. ..... available screen printed multicrystalline solar cells are around 12%. ...…

I tried another search in the goole patents section.
[inventor of solar cell + Printed]…

I found two references.
Generic solar cell array using a printed circuit substrate
US Pat. 5185042 - Filed Aug 1, 1991 - TRW Inc.
This relieves the stress to the solder joint created by differences in the
characteristics of thermal expansion between the solar cell and the printed ...…
This on a printed circuit substrate, not sure if this what you want? You might find something to answer your question at one of the other Sites on the search result page.

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