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How To Make A Solar Panel At Home

Rodney Said:

how practical are solar panels?

We Answered:

From what I have been learning, Solar Electric is a costly investment which can take years to payout. I have found that Solar Thermal Heating is a much cheaper investment with a quicker payout.

I am still in the process of learning, yet found the webinars on the AltEStore website extremely helpful. Some of the webinars are available for purchase, but they offer a FREE REBasics course which offers a lot of great info. They also offer classes through their University which I attended last week.

Good Luck!!

Josephine Said:

How expensive IS solar power?

We Answered:

That won't keep the oil billionaires disgustingly rich, which makes your plan unacceptable and 'unworkable'. In fact, if more people started doing it on their own the government would regulate and tax the hell out of them.

Frederick Said:

car battery charging - solar panel huh?

We Answered:

these work pretty well, aren't expensive and are easy to install. Usually they simply plug into the lighter or 12vpower socket and you place it on the dash. keeps a low trickle charge to the battery. Google it.

Gladys Said:

What are you doing to help combat climate change?

We Answered:

''environmental management' - now there's a department that was unheard off 10-15 years ago :)

This is what annoys me - when someone's does something to reduce their costs (which is how I prefer to call the phenomena that is known as ''going green''), it is packaged under the heading 'combating Global warming / Climate Change'

why can't people just say, I'm turning off the lights and using a more efficient mode of transport, and recycling because I am a responsible person and I want to save a few pounds.

Discuss It!

showbox for pc said:

it is packaged under the heading 'combating Global warming / Climate Change'

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