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How Solar Power Works

Christina Said:

Solar Power questions!?

We Answered:

What a lot to read. Ignoring the essay
-Can anyone explain what active and passive solar energy is
Active is collecting the energy and moving it as hot liquid, air, steam, or electricity. Passive is having the sun shine in windows and soak into heavy masonry walls or other collection masses that give up the heat at night.

-Is it true that solar panels create pollution, if so how is it better used in space?
No solar panels do not create pollution in use. Making of silicon solar cells may involve industrial pollution.

-When silicon or other semiconductors in solar cells absorb solar energy do they create electricity because the electrons "move" instead of shaking and producing heat? No, heating involves molecular vibration. Silicon and other semiconductors involve the photons of light increasing the energy orbits of electrons and the potential then translates to an electrical voltage that can be moved as transistors control electricity.

Annette Said:

solar power???????????????????

We Answered:

Solar energy is the light, visible and invisible, that is emitted from the sun.

Solar power is the electricity that is created from solar energy in man made devices.

The solar energy can be used to directly create electricity in solar cells. It can also be used to heat a material that is then used to heat water and power a generator. These are the two most common ways of creating solar power from solar energy.

The price of the solar power will depend on how it is created.

Solar power is electricity and can be used anyway that other electricity can be used.

New types of solar panels are being developed at a rapid rate in the modern world. I would suggest a search on line for the latest available and the newest research results.

Tim Said:

can any body give me steps on how an photvoltaic solar cells?

We Answered:

Take a look at some of these free educational videos. They are presentations that explain how solar works, I think they'll be very helpful to you.…

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