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Household Solar Panels

Herbert Said:

How many solar panels does it take to run an A/C unit? Also, How many batteries in an array?

We Answered:

Here we are doing the math of two facts to multiply or divide, to find the third, and you don't give enough to make up the equation!

My 2.5 ton unit needs 220 VAC at 5 KW for the heater coils, and 3.5 KW for the cooling and fans, but, in electricity, we are always having to discriminate between inductive loads (transformers, oven coils, heater coils) and other uses, like lncandescent lighting.

To run my HVAC unit, in my 1,000 square foot home, would demand a10KW unit, and the 5200 watt (5500 watt Surge rated)
would not work. A generator simply stalls out under load, possibly smokes the generator electrics, while a solar unit and batteries can reverse potential under severe load, and explode!
The surge rating for my HVAC unit is 3X higher, (the Switching Load), for either heating or cooling. When figuring out the generator load for an emergency generator, for warranty purposes, they demand we install a generator with a 'surge' power rating triple the start-up load of our equipment, and that is the way to try to load your Solar panel, also!

Now, go to the hardware store, and get a booklet or pamphlet about emergency power generation, and look at the descriptions of the generator start up power capabilities for the 'switching loads'!

Holly Said:

How do you build a solar panel out of household objects?

We Answered:

If you are trying to build a solar oven you can get some great ideas and free plans at: Solar Cookers International:…

And like the other have said Build it Solar has lots of great solar energy projects:

If you are trying to build your own solar panels that is a little more involved and you will need supplies that are not in your home but this can still be done as a do-it-yourself project:…

Javier Said:

What kind of solar household can benefit from Time-Of-Use (TOU) metering?

We Answered:

You can benefit now from using TOU metering. To benefit more, figure out what electical use you can cut out of the peak hour period. I bet you can get it low enough that you don't pay anything for electricity during peak hours.

Winter-if you have gas heating then no problem. If you heat the place with electricity you could get pounded with high costs if you run the heater during peak hours. I don't think 'd go to TOU metering if I used electricity for heating.

Audrey Said:

Can you connect solar panels directly into your household sockets?

We Answered:

no, no, no.

To connect the output from a solar panel to the 120 v 60Hz grid, you need:

First, permission from the electric power company. Cause any damage and you will wind up in jail. They may or may not grant permission, depends on the company. They will certainly charge you a lot for that.

second, an inverter installed by the power company or approved by them. The special inverter will convert 12 (or 24) volts DC to 120 VAC and synchronize it to the power line.

In other words, unless you can deliver a lot of power, forget it, it's not worth it.


Wendy Said:

Are there any cheap easy to install Solar Solutions for Household use?

We Answered:

solar is not cheap at this time but the power company will pay you back some money for installing them.

They work best when its really cold, like in winter

batteries are normally installed with a back flow auto electric valve. The system should not feed into the main lines again...HVAC hates that one lol

if you want something that will save you lots of money and last for a long time with little repairs, start by looking into an electrician who knows this type work and will install it for you. Also expect to spend allot for a quality unit.

this really isn't a DIY type job.

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solar is not cheap at this time but the power company will pay you back some money for installing them.

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start by looking into an electrician who knows this type work and will install it for you. Also expect to spend allot for a quality unit.

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