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House Solar Panel

Martha Said:

Why doesn't every house have a solar panel on its roof?

We Answered:

The quote to have a solar panel system installed on my home in Tiburon, CA totaled $49,620.00 not including permits. The city of Tiburon, Ca also gave me a rash of trouble and would only allow me to install a system that was 32% smaller than the original system I had envisioned. MASSIVE EXPENSE PLUS GOVERNMENT BS, there is your answer.

Marilyn Said:

solar panel watts installed in three bedroom house?

We Answered:

The size of your house has very little to do with how much electricity you use. Look at your electric bill and see how many kilowatt hours you buy from them a month. It will be listed as kwh. Take that number and put it in a solar calculator like… . It will help you see how much solar you need.

You should also work on reducing how much electricity you use. It is cheaper to save electricity than to make it.

Louise Said:

Will a normal house thermostat run off a solar panel?

We Answered:

A normal house thermostat, doesn't,t require any type of electricity to operate, it is Simply a mercury switch on a bi metal spring , the bi-metal coil expands and contracts, allowing the mercury to open or close a set of contacts,

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