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Home Use Solar Panels

Bernard Said:

how can i use solar panels for energy in the home?

We Answered:

You can use solar collectors to heat water. You can use photovoltaic panels to generate electricity. Systems are widely available now to generate power at household voltage and frequency, and to feed excess power back into the grid. Government tax credits and other incentives reduce the cost. The initial cost is substantial, though.

Danny Said:

What are some devices that can be ran off solar panels in the home using batteries?

We Answered:

Anything can be run off of solar, it just depends on how big your panels are and how long you want to run them etc. A small panel that costs $150 might run a TV. Solar is great as a back up or charging system. I want to get one of those solar car batt chargers to keep your batt charged always.

Toni Said:

Can I use my $8000 first time home buyer credit to buy solar panels and use that as a deduction?

We Answered:

Use the $8,000 to put towards your home and then check into the new stimulus bill signed by President Obama. This stimulus has a lot of tax credits for those who try to make energy improvements to their home including a tax break on the cost of solar panels.

Hope this helps.

Morris Said:

Using Solar Panels at home?

We Answered:

I recently had panels installed on my home. I have a great rebate system in my area, my utility paid $10K and I paid $16K. During the summer months it almost zeros out my bill, I don't know about the winter yet, we'll have to see. It was only estimated to reduce my bill by 1/3. I should break even in about 6 years. Less if production keeps anywhere near where it is.

I suggest if you are considering solar, get a no cost no obligation quote, they should be able to give you info on rebates as well as size, cost and break even time for your situation.

There are lots of things you can do to reduce your energy usage. Standby energy was costing me about $50 a month, that is when tv's or other appliances are plugged in but not on, they still use electricity. An easy fix is plug your enetertainment appliances into a powerstrip with a switch, flip it off when the tv isn't on and all the standby energy stops. Same thing with chargers of all types, cell phones, laptops, battery backups and toothbrushes, unplug them when they aren't charging.

Insulation, energy star appliances, shade trees, using natural light and CFL's all help too.

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