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Home Solar Water Heater

Holly Said:

solar water heater?

We Answered:

I think I would ask the property owner first you do this and they find out about it you might be the one in hummm hot water

Vivian Said:

what causes a solar water heater panel on the roof of a home to spew water?

We Answered:

If it is continuous, there is a leak.

If it is only when it is cold there is a freeze valve that releases water to keep the pipes from bursting when cold.

If it is only when the sun is shining brightly there is a pressure relief valve to keep from over-pressuring your water system if the solar panel gets above the boiling point.

My bet is it leaks.

Shawn Said:

Can I take a tax credit on a solar water heater installed by home seller on Dec 2008? Bought house in 2009.?

We Answered:

No. Tax credit goes to owner of house when installed.

Carol Said:

Should you install a solar water heater?

We Answered:

I don't see how you can go rwong installing it, be it for economic -, environmental reasons or otherwise. In time, the system will undoubtedly pay for itself. There is also the safety factor. Propane can be volatile, something you don't have to worry about with solar. Hot water haeting systems aren't as high tech ( at laest not some) as you might think. You could probaly even install some pretty primitive ones of your own making. You could put a flat rectangular box with a large surface area on you roof, paint it a flat black , and you'll be surpriced at how much it can heat water. And you could just buy the standard hot water heating panels, witha pressure relief valve, and a mechanical heat expansion solar tracking device, or a computer controlled tracking. Pool heating systems , for the most part are pretty primitive, consisting mostly of lots of small rubber tubes bunched together in a mat, all connected to a larger supply , feed and circulation tubes. You could even coil a bunch of metal tubes , and paint them a flat black for maximum absorbtion of solar heat. I'd go solar. All around it's a good idea.

Audrey Said:

is etc better than flat plate solar water heater?

We Answered:

Yes etc better than flat plate solar water heater.
I which purpose do you want loan?

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