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Home Solar Units

Martin Said:


We Answered:

One way of getting an answer to your query is search in google engine.

Second is call up local just dial & tell them what you are looking for in few mins time you will get calls from the dealers directly.

Maureen Said:

Under these circumstances, would it be advisable to hold off on converting to solar energy?

We Answered:

Hey Knights, Rudydoo here. In all the answers I've posted over the years, all the solar power seminars I've taught and installers I've met, this questions has never come up to my knowledge. Good question.

There are two types of solar "units" as you call them. First, photovoltiacs, or solar electric panels are made almost entirely of silicone wafers, acrylic and aluminum. We have had a roof mount full of them for almost 12 years now. I know we have had hail, tornadoes, blizzards and heavy rain, but never a golf ball. My gut says not to worry about them, they are pretty impervious, but what I would do in your case is simply call several manufacturers and ask them if their warranty would cover such events. Most commercially manufactured panels carry a 25 year warranty, and typically they last much longer than this. Last year we had 2 panels quit working on our array, and Kyocera sent two replacements right away, along with a check to pay an installer to help replace them, but they did not have any golf balls embedded in them.

The other type of unit, or panel is the domestic hot water type. Typically these have a glass cover over a space with vacuum tubes or channels carrying glycol, or some other liquid medium that heats up in the sun, then is pumped to the holding tank in the basement to be used for heating your water. I suspect these panels might be more fragile, but I have never installed one before. Again, I would suggest simply having a conversation with a manufacturer on the subject before spending any money on one. They are usually happy to tell you all about their units and warranties. If you are really considering purchasing a system there, one of the best places to learn about them, and find vendors and suppliers as well as installers is Home Power Magazine. It's an inexpensive periodical that gets into the nuts and bolts of renewable energy. I'll put the link below, along with a few others. If you have a weekend to throw at it, consider going to one of the energy fairs that are posted in the back of Home Power in their event calender, we went to one 12 years ago, and now our home is completely powered by the wind and sun. Good question Knights, and take care, Rudydoo

Tyler Said:

Is there such thing as solar affordable solar power units for the home?

We Answered:

GABY - Those folks have an interesting idea, but when I last looked, they weren't up and running yet.

The economy of solar is complex. It depends on things such as tax incentives (some are local), and the procedures for the electric company to buy your excess power.

Your best information would come from a local solar contractor, like this.

They're in northern CA. A local shop will know about the local considerations.

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