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Home Solar Power

Jordan Said:

How should I go about converting my electric home to solar power? Or given the cost is it just not feasible?

We Answered:

Do it because it makes you feel good, but not to save money: It takes 5 to 10 years to amortize and you must maintain it. Give it another 5 years to get more mature and affordable.I'll be happy to give you some ideas, but make sure you are really into the concept first.

Duane Said:

can i run my whole home on solar power with the use of batteries and inverters?

We Answered:

You can but it will cost you a nearly astronomocal amount of money to do so and you want to run your entire home from it.

Just so you get an idea of the amount of money, view this:…

$80,000 without incentives and that is in Arizona, where they would be just about the peak of efficiency. This is not including the cost of batteries either and then lets not forget the $10,000 or so it will cost you to replace those batteries in 5 or 10 years.

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