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Home Solar Power Systems

Tina Said:

How long did your Solar Power generating system take to pay itself off?

We Answered:

At this time here in Phoenix, which is one of the best places for solar power systems in the world (almost no cloudy days), the payback time (Break even point) is approximately 18-20 years. This is with great taxpayer funded subsidies they are offering that pays almost half the cost. This is a system that is tied to the grid and the utility company gives you credit for any power you produce in excess. The system consists of 12-18 solar panels, inverter / Controller, breakers and wiring needed. It looks like an average system is around $30,000 installed, but with rebates is only about $16,000. Some utilities even offer financing to help. Remember, this is Arizona. Most areas will not perform as well as here. One thing to keep in account is the controllers / rectifiers will need to be replaced, and most solar panels will not maintain peak efficiency for years. Most warranties seem to be 20-25 years on panels, and 5 years on controllers. Controllers can cost several thousand dollars.

It seems as soon as subsidies were added, the prices started going up. We need a not-for-profit solar equipment company to help keep the greed out of the equation. It is our taxpayer dollars going to the increased profits when subsidies are involved.

Just go to your local utility website and check out the special subsidies they are offering now. Most good utility companies will have an on-line calculator to estimate the cost, size of system recommended, payback period, and savings projections. Both our utility companies have this, and they are easy to use. Get copies of your electric bills. You will need some information about your past usage from them to get good projections.

Edgar Said:

Can ones entire home and car be powered by solar power? Is it possible?

We Answered:

SUN POWER was here years ago....

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