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Home Solar Panels Systems

Jimmie Said:

Adding Solar Panels to my home in Portland, Oregon?

We Answered:

I wish it was that easy! Maybe it will be soon. But at this time, no, there isn't. And if you have a solar collection system, you have to have a way to store the energy when you're producing more than what you are currently using. That usually involves an expensive battery array. But it's necessary. The power coming directly from the solar panels will be erratic and sending it to the battery array for storage and then use allows for the home to draw a consistent level of power. And this battery system also allows for storage of electricity for use when the sun isn't shining like at night. The system should be set up to use "your" power first, then go to the grid. It should also allow for distribution to the grid when your system has stored all the power it can and that's when your meter will run backwards and the power company will be paying you!

There are a lot of federal and state income tax rebates for alternative energy installation costs. Check out what Oregon might toss into the package along with the Feds and see where you might come out.

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