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Home Solar Panel Systems

Perry Said:

Professional home solar or self install?

We Answered:

The professional system would provide you with the assurance that you weren't risking your life by fiddling with electricity. Since many people are poorly-versed in the arcane arts of "lectrics," this may be worth the enormous added cost.

The professional company would also give you their assurance that the roof would not leak after they left, the system was working properly, and your electric company had settled things to ensure you would get the most for your investment.

Depending on the "professional" nature of the company you hire, these promises may or may not be true, so if you're sure you're able to do it yourself right now, (or can figure out how to for less than three times the cost of the pannels) then maybe it's just as well you do it yourself. Just don't F- it up. Those pannels are expensive.

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