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Home Solar Energy Systems

Glenda Said:

Where to buy an affordable Solar System in Saudi Arabia?

We Answered:

Have you considered building your own?

Resources and parts to build them are pretty common place these days. There is lots of info around on how to do this.


Ronald Said:

How would you build an alternate energy source model using household item?

We Answered:

Geothermal doesn't have the potential for disaster like nuclear power does, and it doesn't make the hazardous waste either. Geothermal is the most stable supplier other than nuclear. All of the others are affected by the weather. Geothermal can be used to generate electricity as well as a heat source, which would save power for other uses.

Travis Said:

who do i complain about a solar system co?

We Answered:

How many planets are included in this solar system? And it also depends heavily on what kind of sun is included as well. Some suns give off waaaayyy less energy than others. Determine these things and see if you can work out a trade for a solar system with a younger sun that'll give you more energy.

Edwin Said:

Could a home in upstate NewYork be self sufficient in regards to energy?

We Answered:

The energy necessary to run a house in that area is certainly obtainable from wind and solar. But a more important factor than the location on the earth is how the home is situated on the site. If it's an existing home it can be retrofitted to some extent.. Building from scratch makes it possible to maximize energy availability. New technology is being developed, literally, daily.
As for cost, you'll need to have someone visit the site who can make recommendations and give you an idea of that. Alternative energy depends so much on the exterior setting of the home that it is far less 'one size fits all' than traditional systems.
Keep in mind that once you become energy independent, any excess energy you produce can be sold back to the power company- your meter runs backwards- at the same price they charge you. Also, consider the length of time it will take the system to pay you back and any tax benefits your state may offer. And, remember than 'green' homes are seen as more valuable on the market.

Bonnie Said:

can 1.0 ton ac run on solar energy. is it feasible in delhi please advise?

We Answered:

the capture area required of the solar panels for generating adequate electricity to run the ac will probably be too high to accommodate on the roof or within the city. though i would suggest the following to calculate.
1. find current required by the ac.
2. find no of battery's required to store solar electricity to supply for least 12 hours.
3. find output of each solar panel .
4.find the total no of solar panels required to generate electricity to keep the btys charged and the total area of solar panels.
5. find amount of electrical wiring required,the cost of ups and inverter..
6. find the cost of everything and compare with the savings.
7. you will find it is unviable both financially and spatially (spacewise).

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