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Home Solar Electric Systems

Mattie Said:

use of solar panels with electric baseboard?

We Answered:

GABY your math is a little off.
260,000 / 350 is 743 panels.
So using your math here's the logic.

In a Iowa cold winter I'm using 6700 or 233 kWh per day
233,000 per month or $261.00
They have 200 watt panels now.
200 * 7hr of sun light = 1400 watts per day per panel

233,000 / 1400 = 166 panels @ $800.00 ($4 per watt) = $132,800
$132,800 / 261 = 42 years to pay for themselves.

If they did a fair deal at $2 per watt
66,400 / 261 = 21 years pay back

In Spring Summer and Fall I average 1400 kWh at $130 electricity per month so lets say I just worried about 9 months non winter average of 47 kWh per day.

47,000 / 1400 = 34 panels = 27,200 (@ $4 per Watt) / $130.00 = 17.5 years payback. 20 years for 9 month seasons. because you still got to get help in the winter from the electric company. They charge
All electric discount plan.
.07 for 1st 1000 kWh and
.03 for every kWh after that.

At a fair deal of $2 a watt panels it's
47,000 / 1400 = 34 panels = 13,600 (@ $2 per Watt) / $130.00 = 9 years payback. 10.5 years for 9 month cheap
seasons. because you still got to get help in the winter from the electric company.

Panels are suppose to last 25 years

Still not a great investment but if that's your dream it may be dueable someday when they offer a fair deal at $2 a watt.
I think that 30 panels would fit on my house and my back roof faces south.

If the hours of sun light change per day the math will change.
But there will also be cloudy days.

Ted Said:

Where can I purchase a solar ammonia absorption refrigeration system for home use?

We Answered:

Currently, there are only solar-powered refrigerators using environmentally friendly CFC- free refrigerant (and solar panels) on the market for home use.

There is one company, Small Power Systems, based in California currently developing one for the market and are custom building ones with customers "who are willing to work with (them) on the design and put up with the idiosyncrasies".…

Contact them at:

Small Power Systems
74550 Dobie Lane
Covelo, CA 95428

Phone: 800-972-7179
Fax: 707-983-6525

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