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Brett Said:

could you be happy living in an oceanic biosphere home?

We Answered:

wow i never thought about that but if yes i would but only if there was a middle size community that had all the little stores i need.

Debbie Said:

Need guide to construct Green Home in tropical climate.?

We Answered:


Penny Said:

What are some unique environmentally friendly features I could add to a new home?

We Answered:

Steel roof.........under rated totally. About twice the initial cost but you wont be changing shingles , and going to the landfill with them. Plus if the event that the metal has to ever be changed.......recyclable. Also consider harvesting your excess rain water with a underground tank. Use it to water your lawn, plantings for close to nothing. Windows, you can purchase your windows with a low e coating, or you can use the 3-M version and apply it like you would tint film.Keeps radiant heat from penetrating the home. I have used Pex piping, although a plastic product it minimizes repairs in future years plus is quickly repaired. Tankless hot water heaters, you wont be paying for it to heat your water all day long just for your 5 min shower.

Also, when you use your soybean spray foam, consider spraying under the home if its a crawl space construction. Keeps your floor from radiating the cold in the winter time. I like the total envelope method used where the entire house is sprayed, roofline and all. Keeps your attic about the same temp as the house. Which there for, if you store things in, wont be effect by the heat. I personally like using the 2lb spray foam, for it will not allow water to penetrate.

Gwendolyn Said:

Solar panels and a 7,300sq ft home?

We Answered:

This will cost you an arm and a leg!!

This guide might help minimize the cost!

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