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Ricardo Said:

Home Owners Association limitations on solar panel/water heater installation?

We Answered:

Currently right now the Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R's) of Homeowners Associations would allow their board of directors and management companies (if contracted) to restrict the use of solar panels because of uniformity to standards of all housing units within the association. But your point is well taken, because in time when home owners should be allowed to manage their energy consumption, look to sources to improve their energy needs and reduce the amount of energy consumption from commercial sources, the placement of solar panels is a very important endeavor each home owner must be able to adventure into without HOA restraints. There is no doubt many court cases will arise between HOA's and homeowners on this very issue.

You selected a very good subject and cause. I would be very interested in the outcome.

Jon Said:

I have a 56 lengths by 24 width mobile home. How much solar panel do i need to power the whole home?

We Answered:

its 56 feet long x 24 feet wide
it will cost you more than its worth,
not only will you need solar panels, but a converter, a bank of storage batteries, and wire, and a transfer switch
what you don,t hear is it takes 5 to 6 yrs to recoup your cost,
your talking around 5 to 7 thousand $ to do this

Steven Said:

solar panel energy for my home?

We Answered:

The first thing to ask yourself is: is your house energy efficient? If not, you're way better off spending the $25,000 it'll take to get solar panels on things like efficient appliances, new windows and doors, and properly insulating your home. You'll save more money and be just as good for the environment. Also, by making your home more efficient you'll reduce energy needs and thus be able to cover a greater percentage of your energy needs with solar if you do get it. Only once you have made your house as energy efficient as possible should you consider solar.

Valerie Said:

show how to hook a diode in series on my home built solar panel?

We Answered:

-                              +

electron flow is neg to positive

Jamie Said:

Anyone know where I could access solar panel and wind generator for small home from reliable supplier? Thanks?

We Answered:

i know that tractor supply company carries solar panels but they are not high producing. each set cost around 300 bucks not including the batteries. I'm going to use complete solar energy for my house. i figured that it would take 3 sets of solar panels from tsc. each set using 4 marine batteries would cost 2500 to 3000 bucks and it would produce enough power run my most basic energy needs. as far as wind mills i haven't checked that idea out yet but i will soon enough. i hope that you find what you need. good luck.

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