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Sam Said:

Does solar screens block out all the light? How much does it cost to use motorize blinds?

We Answered:

Solar screen comes in varying degrees of light blockage,...from 0 to 20% openess,....they are not the cheapest application available, but they are effective in blocking light and heat. Motorization alone does cost approx $550.00 retail from my company as well,.. including installation. That's plus the cost of the blinds.

What is your measurement?

Michael Said:

how many solar panels will it take to power a 1000 sq ft home in austin tx?

We Answered:

first orient the roof so it faces south...second use shingle composite roofing solar panel don't go over tile roofs....3rd contact all of the solar panel installation companies in the yellow pages or on the Internet...get written estimates and guarantees...also check with the local power company there are federal tax credits available and even possibly state or local ones as well...some require that you file paperwork before starting work......Talked with a neighbor that recovered 1/2 the cost of his system the very first year...but lamented putting in a smaller system than he should have...he gets paid for power generated that he doesn't use....

..he says the most important thing is keeping the panels clean they generate much better when they are clean...

Albert Said:

If you could buy a solar indoor florecnt light for your home?

We Answered:

Very intriguing! I'd be interested in knowing how you've managed to do this without wires or external panels, and whether your invention is original? It does sound very innovative and commercially viable because it would have such a huge market - people in flats or apartments, business, etc.

I think people would buy such a product but you'll only be making pocket money in the ebay market. It'd need a proper launch to be commercially viable; a lot of advertising, promotion and selling in stores.. obviously is more cost effective to produce on mass as this would also lower the retail price to the consumer.

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