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Government Solar Panel

Jay Said:

How big of a discount can the state send you on a solar panel in Tennessee?

We Answered:

Tennessee doesn't offer any tax incentives or rebates for residential consumers, however the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority, which supplies power to your local power company) does offer a program where residential customers can sell their green power back for a credit on their electric bill. The price varies based on your power company, but it is in the range of 15-20 cents/kilowatt-hour.

I would say your best bet would be to check with your local power company first to determine the price they would offer to buy your renewable energy. A link to a list of power suppliers is the third source link.

You might also be eligible for a federal tax credit on your system. The credit is for approximately 30% of the total cost, including instillation. A link to a TVA supplied pamphlet on the Federal Solar Tax Credit is the fourth source link.

Hope this helps!

Pamela Said:

Should the government give citizen’s money if he/she installs a solar panel and gets off the electric grid?

We Answered:

I think so. By installing a solar panel, you are reducing the need for the government to lay down wiring and upkeep and regulation of power facilities and dependence on foreign oil are all reduced. Maybe they should give you a tax break or some sort of rebate. They give incentives and deductions for getting married, buying a home, and having children, why not encourage something that reduces the strains on the environment for a change.

I am not trying to bash marriage or having kids, but I think it is personal responsibility to take care of these people, if you need a deduction to provide for a person, even if it is small refund, then maybe you should hold off on certain decisions for a little while.

Adam Said:

Where can you get a solar panel and what type should I get?

We Answered:

The source has some pretty good information. And they will sell you the equipment.

Claudia Said:

is there any government grants for individuals to go solar power in georgia.?

We Answered:


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