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Frances Said:

does anyone know roughly how much it would cost to convert a 1300 sq ft house into using solar energy?

We Answered:

it is sad that it is not cheap to go green. i was looking into this also .was also considering a heat pump that uses the groud to heat and cool the house.go far enough down it is approx 68 degrees year round

April Said:

does it make any economic sense( short/long time) to power my house with solar energy?

We Answered:

It depends on SOO many things. Firstly it depends on the amount of power you're likely to use. It also depends on what government purchase rebates are in your area (if any), as well as feed-in tariffs (if any), and it depends on the actual sun hours you can get (non shaded).

For example, if you had...
* NO government rebate or FiT
* Consumption of about 20kw/h a day
* Average sun hours were 4
You'd need a 5kw system which would cost something like $40,000 - $50,000. The savings you would make per year would be around $1,100 (your whole powr bill), and the system would take 40 years to pay off - basically never as the system is likely to last less than that.

And on the other hand, if you had...
* Good rebates (I can get $8,000 here) and a decent gross FiT of about 80c per kw/h
* Consumption of about 5kw/h per day
* Five sun hours per day
Then you'd only need a 1kw system which would cost you about $3,000. You'd save/make about $1,300 per year and the system would be paid off in a bit over two years and save/make you another $30,000 over it's life.

So as you can see, VAST differences. Both of these scenarios are legitimate too. I know where the second is reality (Canberra, Australia).

Brittany Said:

How much would it cost to make an average house run completely on solar energy?

We Answered:

any time you add solar energy it saves you money in the long run. we paid about 18,000 to do my friends house, and through the years they have saved lots. As prices soar, they will save even more. your smart to consider it.

Cheryl Said:

How do i fit solar energy to a house?

We Answered:

A solar power system from The Home Depot can save money on your electric bill, increase your home's value and make the world a cleaner place, all at the same time. Learn more about custom solar power systems installation. Or, for immediate assistance, call us at 888-480-9500. To have an associate contact you, please fill out the form below...…

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Domestic Hot Water

Solar hot water systems are most commonly used to heat water for basic household needs such as laundry, bathing, dishwashing and cooking. These systems are commonly referred to as "domestic hot water systems".

Domestic hot water systems typically use solar energy to pre-heat the water that is incoming to a conventionally fueled heating tank. The warmer the water from the solar heater, the less conventional fuel will be needed to provide the household's hot water needs. During the summer months, a properly sized solar hot water system will provide almost 100% of a household's needs. In the winter, or during extended cloudy periods, the amount of hot water provided by the sun may be 30% or less. Solar hot water professionals tend to install systems that meet between 60% and 70% of the annual load.

Solar collectors (center) flush mounted on residential rooftop.

The size of the solar collectors suitable for your site will depend upon the manufacturer and your hot water usage, but typically they will require between 50 and 100 square feet of mounting area. The most common mounting technique used today is install the collectors flush with the roof on a south facing exposure. Alternatives, such as ground mounting, or rack mounting on gable ends are also sometimes possible.

Space Heating

Solar water heaters can also be used to provide space heating. The same set of solar collectors can be used to provide hot water for both space heating and space heating needs, although space heating will generally require a much greater collector area and storage capacity. Additional controls and heat exchangers are also needed. Due to these extra costs, and because sunshine is relatively scarce when heating loads are highest (for example at night and during the winter) solar energy is more often used to heat domestic water than it is for space heating.

Solar Hot Water Space Heating

A solar water heating professional with past experience in installing systems sized to provide space heat can help you consider the pros and cons of various options. You should also make sure to carefully consider passive solar and other building efficiency measures that will reduce your heating loads to help you take maximum advantage of the available solar resource…

Kelly Said:

What do i need to use solar energy in my house?I want to use Light(6)bulbs,Tv,Computer and fan.?

We Answered:

You will need a photovoltaic panel, probably 2 80 watt, a battery bank, controller, and power invertor. The size of the panels, battery bank and invertor is based on the total wattage your items will draw.

You can go to to help answer these questions.
That is DOE's web site and they have a lot of info there. They also have links to send you to help you figure out exactly what you are going need.

Chris Said:

How to implement solar energy utility to all house holds with affordable cost?

We Answered:

there is some good information on solar water heating at…

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